Who we work with

We cooperate closely with domestic and foreign auditing firms, tax advisors and law firms. By doing so, we are able to support our clients interdisciplinarily. Furthermore, we have a proven and tested network of financial experts, which our clients can benefit from when needed.

A cooperation between us and the law firm for labour law has existed for several years. Our clients have an experienced team of lawyers specialized in labour law at their disposal, which exclusively works on matters relating to employment contracts. Click here to get more information on this law firm:

Last but not least we have close ties to scholars and practitioners from the banking and financial services sector through Vera Treitschke, lawyer and editor-in-chief of  „ZBB - Zeitschrift für Bankrecht und Bankwirtschaft/Journal of Banking Law and Banking (JBB)“. This makes additional know-how available to us. You can find further information about JBB here: