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mzs lawyers is a law firm specialized in banking and capital markets law. Within this field of practice we pursue a comprehensive counselling approach: We represent all kinds of market participants in all legal matters related to the structuring and marketing of capital investments. Particularly by being familiar with the perspective of all different kinds of market participants we are able to provide our clients with exceptionally competent advice. By deploying lawyers which are optimally chosen to fit the given task we ensure an efficient and competent realization of our clients’ objectives. 

mzs lawyers has a long tradition. Our medium-sized law firm domiciled in Düsseldorf emerged from the law firm Kortländer & Partner which was founded in 1954 and specialized in commercial law. With the entry of lawyer Gustav Meyer zu Schwabedissen in 1986 as a partner came the systematic specialization on banking and capital markets law. Since 1996, Mr. Meyer zu Schwabedissen has been leading the firm, since 2005 under the name “mzs lawyers”.

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