Examples of successfull cases

1) German Federal Court (Bundesgerichtshof) decided that Landesbank Baden-Württemberg failed to inform our client about total credit costs and ruled that the interest rate of the loan was to be reduced from more than seven percent to four percent. Landesbank Baden-Württemberg had to refund the excess amount of interest to our client. The case served as precedence for thousands of parallel cases. The decision of the Federal Court was chosen to be published in the official compilation of decisions (Bundesgerichtshof in Zivilsachen, BGHZ 159, 270). Landesbank Baden-Württemberg has total assets of around EUR 266 billion (as of 31 December 2014) and a staff of approx. 11,100 within the group. Its head offices are located in Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Mannheim and Mainz.

2) Regional Court of Appeals (OLG) in Cologne ordered Commerzbank AG to pay compensation of approx. 17.000 € to our client, who had invested in Lehman Brothers Certificates “Gobal Champion” Certificates (ISIN: DE000A0MJHE1). Commerzbank had bought the certificate with a discount from Lehman Brothers and had concealed the discount. Commerzbank appealed to the Federal Court, which referred the case back to the Regional Court of Appeals. After hearing a witness, in his second decision the Re-gional Court of Appeals ruled against Commerzbank for reasons of misleading information regarding the risk of a total loss.

3) Hamburg’s District Court (Landgericht) finds that Targobank (formerly known as Citibank) did not properly disclose commissions, thus ordering Targobank to pay 26.000 € to the plaintiff: Our client who had invested in a shipping investment fund was awarded approx. 26.000 € (ruling of 13th November 2013, reference number 330 O 196/13). The court considered it as proven that Targobank, at the time of the investment called Citibank, did not properly disclose its commissions to the plaintiff prior to his investment decision.

4) Deutsche Bank is ordered to pay compensation for failing to properly dis-close commissions earned regarding brokerage of investment fund “Ocean Shipping Select I”: Brokering longterm investments in closed funds used to be a very lucrative business for many years and one in which profits could be made really quickly. Only when one fund after the other got into financial difficulties did even the most gullible investors start getting concerned and confronted their investment advisers, whom they had before trusted for years, with the accusation of having failed to tailor their advice to the investor’s needs.

The bar-certified specialist attorney Dr. Thomas Meschede, who handles investments in shipping funds at the law firm mzs lawyers in Düsseldorf, was once again able to attain a complete rescission of an investment for his client. On 27th June 2014, Deutsche Bank was ordered to pay 13.592 € and take back the client’s shares of the shipping fund (reference number 3 O 452/13).

5) Regional Court of Appeals (OLG) in Hamm orders Deutsche Bank to pay compensation for failing to properly disclose commissions earned regarding brokerage of investment fund “Lloyd Fonds Schiffsportfolio II” Deutsche Bank must pay 43.000 € compensation on grounds of erroneous investment advice according to the decision of the Regional Court of Ap-peals (OLG) in Hamm made on 18th October in the appeal proceedings.

6) Spectacular turnaround in Lehmann proceedings: Targobank accepts client’s claim after corresponding indication of the Regional Court of Appeals (OLG) in Düsseldorf: Targobank must pay compensation to an investor who had previously in-vested 15.000 € in Lehmann Brothers’ “Alpha Express Zertifikat”. The Regional Court of Appeals (OLG) in Düsseldorf had issued an indicative court order under the reference number I-6 U 30/13 on 25th November 2014 according to which the product flyer was deemed to be misleading. Targo-bank subsequently accepted the plaintiff’s claim.