Doorstep Selling

If a contract with a consumer is prepared and/or concluded in the consumers’ privately-owned apartment or at his workplace, the consumer is entitled to the special protection by the EU directive regarding doorstep selling (COUNCIL DIRECTIVE of 20 December 1985 to protect the consumer in respect of contracts negotiated away from business premises (85/577/EEC)). Based on this directive the German legislator developed the consumers’ right of rescission for doorstep selling: the consumer is entitled to a period of reflection during which he can decide, whether he wants to be bound to the contract concluded. This period of reflection is generally two weeks (formerly: one week). If the consumer was not instructed by written notice about his right of rescission, this period does not commence to elapse.

If our clients want to disengage from their contracts, we first of all examine whether a rescission is still possible today.