mzs lawyers – Your Specialist in Investment Law

mzs lawyers – Your Specialist in Investment Law

We counsel private and commercial clients of banks and other investors, for example in cases relating to loan contracts and erroneous investment advice. We are one of the largest practice groups in Germany, including 6 bar-certified specialist attorneys in the field of banking and capital markets law, dealing exclusively with the enforcement of claims of investors and clients of banks.


Extensive experience and proven expertise

The size and specialization of our practice group in the field of investment and banking law enables us to offer our clients comprehensive, nationwide and powerful litigation services, resulting in numerous successful verdicts from all levels of the judiciary including the Federal Supreme Court (Bundesgerichtshof), thus contributing significantly to the development of German investment law. Under the heading “Our verdicts” we make available an overview of successful verdicts on a range of different bank and investment related subject matters fought through by us.

Our clients select us on grounds of our expertise and extensive experience. Han-dling cases nationwide is very common for us and poses no problems thanks to modern means of communication, be it via e-mail, telephone, fax or mail. We therefore represent investors and clients of banks nationwide from our office in Düsseldorf.


News on our blog

We publish up-to-date news, particularly on our numerous verdicts, on our blog at


Areas of expertise

In the column on the left you can get an overview of subjects with which we deal in our daily practice. Our clients in these matters range from private clients of banks to institutional investors. Of course, this list is not complete. We will also be happy to counsel you with regard to a problem which does not exactly fit these categories.

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