Experience is important when dealing with BaFin

We have long-term experience in dealing with the German financial supervisory authority (BaFin). BaFin is one the most important public agencies for financial service providers and initiators.

The main tasks of BaFin, domiciled in Frankfurt/Main and Bonn, are to safeguard the functioning, integrity and stability of the German financial system and to protect consumers.

In order to perform this task, BaFin is endowed with far-reaching competences to supervise, control, direct and encroach upon rights of the supervised.

In the field of banking supervision BaFin supervises credit and financial institutions regarding their establishment and business conduct. The intensity of supervision depends on the nature and scale of the supervised business. The main focus of supervision generally is on the maintenance of sufficient amounts of equity capital and liquidity and adequate risk management procedures. The main legal foundation of banking supervision and supervision of financial services is the German banking act (KWG – Kreditwesengesetz). The German banking act requires any firm providing banking or financial services to be authorised by BaFin.

The main tasks of BaFin in the field of the supervision of securities includes the combat of insider dealings and the review of ad hoc disclosures, Directors’ Dealings and announcements of voting rights. Furthermore, BaFin is responsible for the approval of securities prospectuses for securities publicly offered in Germany.

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